Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Episode 32: Issue 32: The Mountain

Joes, Attenhut!

Fall in!

The Joes reporting for duty this month are:
Aaron Moss - Codename: Head
Jarrod Alberich "The Yard Sale Artist" - Codename: Deathprobe!
Kevin Reitzel - Codename: Raider Nerd
Brad Abraham - Codename: Jarrod V. 2

This month, join us as we look at Issue 32: The Mountain

Issue 32: The Mountain
Credits for this issue are:
Issue : 32 -  "The Mountain"
Cover Date: February 1985
On Sale Date: November 6, 1984 
Cover Price: $0.60

Writer: Larry Hama
Penciller: Frank Springer
Inker: Andy Mushynsky
Letterer: Rick L. Parker
Colorist: George Roussos
Cover Credits: Artist: Frank Springer
Editor: Dennis J. O'Neil

Reprinted In:
G.I. Joe Comics Magazine #12 (1988)
G.I. Joe Vol. 4 TPB (2002)

As always, this information comes from: Mikes Amazing World of Comics

At about thirty-eight minutes in, we discuss, "The Real American Hero" of this issue.

Then at forty seven and one half minutes in to the show, we look at the nineteenth episode of the regular cartoon with "Lights, Camera, COBRA!".  This episode first aired October 10, 1985 and was written by friend of the show, Buzz Dixon.

Then 1 hour and 17 minutes in, we have Postbox: The Pit!, followed by The Solider of the Month!

Stay tuned after I say good bye for the monthly PSA, my closing credits and a our bloopers reel!

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Fandom Network: Kevin's network of great shows with him and his buddies!

Retrospect of the 80's:  This is a show where Michelle and I look back at one of the greatest decades that was.  The 80s.

 Second Break:

Hamilton Vs Burr Jarrod’s “history book” accounting the “factual” story of Hamilton and Burrs famous duel.

MASHcast - Where Rob Kelly and rotating guests look at one of the greatest military shows ever.

Zero Hour Strikes: A great show looking at the Zero Hour crossover from DC Comics, by our friends to the Great White North!


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Join us next month as we look at issue 33 of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and episode 20 of the cartoon.

Be sure to visit your local comic shop and check out the continuing adventures of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero by IDW.  While you're there, look and see if there is anything else that strikes your fancy.

Joes, Dismissed!

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