Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Another Special Episode 2018 - Postbox The Pit and Buzz Interview in full!

Joes, Attenhut!

Fall in!

Reporting for duty is Aaron Codename: Head.  

I know I said this month would be a normal episode with comic book reviews, talking about cartoons, and giving That Yard Sale Drawer Guy a bad time.... but it was not meant to be.

Between Heroes Con, Joe Con, and my daughter doing some local junior theater, well, we didn't get a chance to gather this month.

So instead of leaving you Joes, high and dry, I did bring something to the party.

This month I present to you Another Special Episode 2018 - Postbox The Pit and Buzz Interview in full!

First we start with the Solider of the Month!
Who is this time?  Tune in to find out.

Then at 4 minutes and 50 second, I bust out the mailbag, and bring you Postbox: The Pit!

At 14 minutes and 55 seconds, I want to wish our spiritual Godfather, Larry Hama, a very happy birthday.  Our buddy Clinton Robinson (from the Coffee and Comics podcast) let me know that June 7th was Larry's birthday.
Once again, Happy Birthday Larry!

Then finally at twenty one minutes in to the show (after promos), I represent to you the amazing Buzz Dixon interview.  I first played this in Episodes 16 & 17 with a couple of month break in between.
Well here it is in it's full glory.

Hope you enjoy it.

And while I'm talking, while I don't really mention it this episode, I still recommend The Joy of Joe, former guest, Jim Beard's newest and greatest book on G.I. Joe.  I've read it and LOVED it!.  It will make you smile and might make you cry.  But no matter what you do, you'll love it.

Be sure to check Amazon , either digitally or the paperback:
The Joy of Joe on Amazon!


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Join us next month as we look at issue 22 of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and the 9th episode of the cartoon.

Be sure to visit your local comic shop and check out the continuing adventures of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero by IDW.  While you're there, look and see if there is anything else that strikes your fancy.

Joes, Dismissed!