Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Episode 2: Issue 2 - Panic at the North Pole!

Joes, Attenhut!
Fall in!

Presenting for your listening pleasure, Episode 2: Issue 2 - Panic at the North Pole!

This time out me and my co-podcasting cohorts take a look at the second fantastic issue of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. This time out in Panic at the North Pole, takes a look at a small group of Joes (Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Breaker, and Stalker) as they investigate the disappearance of a research facility at the north pole.  Our team finds a mysterious new enemy they must deal with... or perish!

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero 2: PANIC AT THE NORTH POLE!
Credits for this issue are:

Cover Date: August 1982 
On Sale Date: May 4, 1982
Cover Price: $0.60

Title: "Panic at the North Pole"
Pages: 22

Writer: Larry Hama
Penciller: Don David Perlin
Inker: Jack Abel
Letterer: James R. Novak
Colorist: Bob Sharen
Editor: Thomas P. DeFalco

Cover Credits
Penciller: Herb Trimpe
Inker: Jack Abel

Reprinted In:
G.I. Joe Comics Magazine #1 (1986)
Tales of G.I. Joe #2 (1988)

G.I. Joe Vol. 1 TPB (2002)

And before the end credits, stay tuned as I play the song: "Mighty Quinn" by the British band Manfred Mann.

Check it out.

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